The Developer Dilemma: Learning Management Systems & Solutions

by | 24 Mar 2020

If you are a software developer or system administrator looking for a solution to add the live, synchronous components to your learning solution you may be considering a variety of options.

Web Conferencing isn’t Enough

There are general-purpose web conference and video conferencing products available that have some of the elements needed. They may have some APIs for managing conferences, but they lack the APIs to manage the student and teacher’s experience. These products do not provide control over content and documents, flexible room structures, API controls for moderators and administrators, API control of breakout rooms or many more dynamic features for an integrated learning experience.

Other products take a web-browser approach using HTML5 but run up against issues with inconsistencies in browser implementations of video and audio codecs. Driver interfaces to peripheral hardware from the browser is unreliable and scaling out to multipoint from peer-to-peer to a server solution seems daunting.

Synchronous Learning Done Right

Lumicademy: platform-first approach

We built Lumicademy with a platform-first approach, where the needs of the implementer take precedence. Our approach allows you to not only  create the meetings you want, but also control them. Our APIs follow industry standard approaches using OAuth/2 for server-to-server communications so you can easily integrate our platform into your total solution. Our APIs are Rest based and implemented using OpenAPI 3.x which allows you to easily integrate the API interfaces directly into your development language of choice.

With Lumicademy, developers can implement their own private server model, deploy modules into major cloud services like Google Compute, AWS and Azure or leverage the existing Lumicademy cloud. You can apply not just your own branding, but use your own domain names, web server certificates and much more.

Our licensing model was designed for implementers. Instead of tying you into a single inflexible licensing approach of one-room per license or per-user, Lumicademy was designed to allow you to have an unlimited number of meetings or conferences that you can configure via the API without considering users or rooms.

Your Solution-Driven Platform

Lumicademy is designed to be the learning management system platform solution for developers and educational system administrators that are interested in providing a complete solution to their team, clients and users in education, corporate training and other virtual learning environments. 

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