Video Collaboration Tools to Enhance Creativity in the Online Classroom

by | 8 Jun 2021

In any online or e-learning environment, some of the most innovative and effective strategies involve video in some form. Whether the setting is K-12, higher education, or at the corporate level, a main challenge of distance learning is making sure that participants are engaged and motivated. 

Video tools can be used to create interactive and personalized experiences for students, as well as more optimal experiences for educators and instructors, at all levels of education. Business organizations, including human resources departments, incorporate video collaboration to create engaging content and experiences for corporate onboarding and HR training scenarios. When high quality video collaboration tools are integrated with learning management systems, there are more possible ways to ensure seamless interactive experiences. 

Synchronous and Asynchronous Strategies 

A mix of learning methods is the approach that works best for the most successful online education environments. Strategies that combine synchronous and asynchronous learning, social learning, and micro learning keep learners motivated and engaging, often producing the best student outcomes. Video tools can be combined with other digital tools to create face-to-face interaction and small group learning with live conferencing. Instructors can use video for asynchronous, self-paced learning environments by creating video lessons. Pre-recorded video can also supplement live instruction for additional variation. 

Engaging Collaboration Techniques 

A main drawback to distance learning is the lack of social interaction between students and instructors. Live video and digital conferencing tools can be used to create more opportunities for personal experiences and interactions. Students and instructors alike benefit from interaction, including personal interaction with their peers. 

Some effective methods include:

  • Small group interaction in breakout rooms works well for brainstorming, group projects, discussion forums, and study rooms. 
  • Video conferencing can enhance team building with group activities including games, contests, and interactive video quizzes. 
  • Creating one-on-one conferences for students and educators to build relationships.

Adding next generation collaboration tools to the mix further enhances collaboration. Tools such as document sharing, interactive media sharing, flexible annotation and whiteboards can create even more dynamic learning experiences.

Digital collaborative tools can be also used to enhance corporate learning experiences, as well as virtual hiring and onboarding in HR departments. 

Creative Expression with Individual and Group Projects 

With video tools, students in distance learning and online learning can more easily produce innovative creative projects such as group video presentations. Students often are more easily engaged and motivated when they have the opportunity to practice their digital and technical skills during interactive and creative projects. In an article examining the human element of online learning, Inside Higher Ed noted, “Online, students quickly shift from consumers to producers of content, and sharing is easy. Build activities that encourage them to co-create and peer review.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, video tools have been vital for college and university performing arts and fine arts programs, as the medium gives students the ability to continue creating despite collaborating from a remote setting. Meanwhile, in classes for other academic subjects, presenting live video projects gives students the opportunity to gain beneficial feedback from teachers and instructors, as well as peer evaluation and interaction.  

High Quality Video and Collaborative Tools to Boost Engagement 

Remote and other e-learning environments need high quality digital video and audio tools to produce engaging and effective learning experiences for students. Superior quality and seamless tools that integrate with learning management systems, encourage interaction and boost the creative experience for all participants.  

For corporate environments, video conferencing and collaborative tools are crucial for creating effective training experiences, onboarding processes, and remote professional development opportunities. 

Lumicademy’s digital platform includes a full collection of next generation collaboration tools to create transformative learning experiences. Some of Lumicademy’s advanced features include: 

  • High quality HD video and audio
  • HD screensharing 
  • Whiteboarding
  • Multi-page document sharing
  • Flexible Annotation 
  • Breakout rooms
  • Interactive media sharing 

And with Lumicademy’s flexible integration capabilities, educators can bring their own collaborative tools to create their own customized learning programs and experiences to meet their needs of their students. 

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