Customize Your Virtual Classroom with Lumicademy's Integrations

Lumicademy plus your favorite apps let you customize your virtual classroom experience.

With LMS education integrations for Moodle, Canvas and Blackboard learning, all the educational tools that you already use are easily integrated into the Lumicademy platform for your complete, live video classroom.

With business apps like Slack, Microsoft, Google, Squarespace, Zapier and more, integration with Lumicademy has never been easier.

API integration for the workspace with live, secure video meetings allows for team collaboration and productivity in a seamless experience.

LMS Integrations

The easy to use, API-driven learning platform that integrates with virtually any LMS solution

The Lumicademy platform provides all hooks, APIs and controls you need, plus the industry’s best privacy and security for your content. System administrators can manage any aspect of the virtual classroom experience, while students and teachers easily move between the distance learning solution and the online classroom.

Enterprise Business Integrations

Business integrations for real-time interaction in online workplace training and collaboration

The Lumicademy platform integrates with over 3,000 apps for automated workflows. Increase efficiency and productivity with integrations like HubSpot, Slack and more. With end-to-end security for human resources training and corporate communication, all of your data, classes and training recordings stay safe. Utilize your own servers, private network and private cloud.


Expand your virtual learning experience with your favorite integrations today.

The Lumicademy platform is fresh, intuitive and easy to use. Try it and see for yourself.

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