Prioritize the Privacy of Your Learning Environment

Lumicademy is the platform solution provider for the online learning and corporate training future, providing complete control of your data.

Manage and protect your proprietary information by deploying your modules onto your own cloud servers that you manage, or to your existing storage provider. Save time and cut costs while keeping control of your own private institutional information.

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Privacy Controls

Control every meeting feature via Lumicademy API’s, the Lumicademy developer web portal or the Lumicademy host control application.

A different approach to privacy

The majority of online classroom and meeting providers connect with their own cloud based servers. Because they control and operate those servers, you have little knowledge or input over what happens to your meeting room content, video, and audio. This process can leave your educational or corporate data vulnerable to outside entities, competitors, and other organizations.

Rather than jeopardize your sensitive data, Lumicademy offers a clear approach to the issue of privacy.

Powered by your own trusted cloud server

Lumicademy lets you deploy your own modules onto the cloud servers you choose, allowing you to control the routing of your video, audio, shared screens, documents and files. Even your recordings are processed and stored on your own secure network.

Complete control of all your vital data

Our on-premise implementation is easy to deploy and requires minimal effort by your system administrator. You have control over where your live-data streams are routed. Simply download the latest Lumicademy version of all the modules directly from our developer portal and choose where your content is stored—whether on your own private cloud or your existing public storage provider.

Tailor Your User Experience

The API coverage and low-code integrations cover all aspects of users, meeting sessions, device control, shared content and much more.

Lumicademy is committed to safeguarding your intellectual property and online classrooms. We are web privacy regulation compliant, giving you the ability to protect your sensitive information from hackers and data breaches. Your education and training experience remains within your control, without sacrificing authority to an outside organization.


Enhance your virtual learning experience today.

The Lumicademy platform is fresh, intuitive and easy to use. Ready to power up your LMS? Try it and see for yourself.

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